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Informal Letter: Write A Letter To Your Mother Asking For Some Money


You are away from home and wish to buy a present for your brother on his birthday. He bought you an expensive gift on your birthday so you would like to get him something special.

You have two items in mind for him but you do not have enough money. Using the information given below write a letter to your mother asking for some money.

In your letter:

  •         compare both items
  •         state the item you have chosen
  •         state the amount of money you have and the amount you need
  •         give reasons for your choice by providing information about what your brother’s hobbies are
  •         what you know about your brother previous birthday gifts he has received

Use the specifications of the items given below to support your request.

Danon Camera

-      RM250.00
-      Fully automatic
-      Panoramic view


-      RM250.00
-      5-gear
Adjustable seat


Sample Answer

Jason Wong,
23, Jalan Hamidah,

19780 Kota Bharu,

30 April 2011

Dear Mum,

How are you? I hope you are fine. I am sorry for not writing earlier. As you know, life in the university is quite hectic. How is everyone at home? I miss home.

Mum, Brother Rick’s birthday is in May and I hope to buy him a special gift.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough money. I was wondering if you could give me a short-term loan. I have about RM200.00 in my savings account. I need another RM100.00. I promise to pay you back as soon as I receive my scholarship.

I have two items in mind for Rick. One is a Danon Camera and the other item is a bicycle. Both have a price tag of RM250.00. The camera is a fully automatic one and has a lens to capture nature in its panoramic view. The Danon Camera looks like a worthwhile buy compared to the bicycle. I think that there is noth9nbg special about bicycles with five gears and adjustable seats. I have decided to choose the Danon Camera.

My choice is based on several factors. Firstly, Rick loves outdoor activities. I remember him complaining about not having a camera to record his joyous moments. I also know that Rick is not an enthusiastic cyclist. He prefers camping, climbing, and trekking. A camera would be just right for him. If my memory does not fail me, he was given a bicycle for his twelfth birthday. I can’t rememberwhere the bicycle is now.

That’s all for now. Please send my love to Papa and Alice. Before I forget, please do not tell Rick anything. I want to surprise him on his birthday.

Yours sincerely,



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